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«Tous les grands écrivains sont de grands lecteurs de dictionnaires: ils nagent à travers les mots. » -- Umberto Eco

Although this glossary is primarily planned as a bilingual thesaurus, it may also be used as a Bengali or an English lexicon of synonyms. I hope this Bengali and English dictionary of synonyms (words having similar meanings) will be of help to writers and translators who deal simultaneously with the Bengali and/or the English languages. It will also come to the aid of anyone in need of looking up a synonym of a Bengali or an English word. On the same page and for each entry you will have synonymous Bengali words and their corresponding English synonyms presented side-by-side.

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As a translator I come across words, thousands of them, every day. Ever so often I have to dig my way through them, searching and probing. That is how this list has started. Let me call it: My Experiment with Words.

This is neither a dictionary nor a thesaurus in the conventional sense. Rather, it is a bilingual 'word book'. The list of synonyms provided here will cover the whole range of usage and style, from slang and informal to the modern and archaic and I shall try to provide with as generous a list of words as possible. However, it should be borne in mind that true synonyms -- those that can substitute the headword in all contexts -- are rare. So I consider it wise to warn the readers that the alternatives provided here may not be genuinely interchangeable in all contexts. For the precise shade of meaning of any word and its usage, readers should refer to a good dictionary.

In building this 'word book' I am indebted to all the published dictionaries and thesauri, in Bengali as well as in English. At the same time it will be my endeavour to make it a unique and useful storehouse of words especially for those who deal with the written language in any form or manner.

This is just the beginning and unfortunately, for many years now, it will be an incomplete word book. I invite the readers to help me with their suggestions by sending to me an e-mail.

"All the synonyma's of sadnesse were little enough to expresse this great weeping." [Great Exemplar Sect vi.98; JEREMY TAYLOR (1613-1667)]


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